On Becoming Vegan: So You Think That Animals Matter Morally. What Happens Next?


I’m making separate posts on individual issues related to Veganism, so that anyone who wants a handy reference guide to each issue won’t have to go through my entire link list to find it. The links included in each individual post may not be updated regularly, so the Master List will be the only place to find complete updates. These posts will be comprehensive enough to cover most or all questions related to each issue however.

Disclaimer: My only goal with this list is to produce as comprehensive a resource for Vegan information as possible. I am 100% Abolitionist Vegan and 100% against exploitation of nonhuman or human animals, any type of violence against human or nonhuman persons or property, welfare regulation, any form of speciesism, ethnic bigotry, genderism, ableism, heterosexism, etc., any of the large governmental or non-governmental nonhuman animal organizations, “happy meat,” vegetarianism, veg*nism, Meat-Free Mondays, or other forms of reductionism and anything else that makes it seem like any form of violence or exploitation of animals is ok. If any of those positions are endorsed on any site in this list, or any language is used to imply that, it’s not that I included that link because I agree, but simply because I don’t control every bit of information on all of these sites.

So, you’ve decided that you can no longer handle participating in the exploitation of innocent beings merely for your own pleasure, amusement or convenience.

But how are you going to go about transitioning from non-Vegan to Vegan?

This post will include tons of links that should help you in that transition. I would recommend studying the nutritional information carefully as you go, but you can easily go Vegan immediately merely by taking the animal substances out of your diet right away and work on everything else as you go (including replacing all animal substances in your wardrobe immediately if you can afford to, taking longer if you have to).

For instance, if you would normally have for supper spaghetti and meatballs with red sauce and parmesan, chef salad, and a glass of milk, just have spaghetti with red sauce (making sure the pasta and sauce have no animal substances in them to start), salad made from tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and any other veggies you like, and a glass of juice, water or soy/other plant-based milk. You can veganize just about any dish that is more than just flesh, dairy and eggs in the same way. Just be sure you eat enough to feel full. If you want to read more about the foods you might eat as a Vegan, I’ve made another post that has some great recipes and other tips:


And here’s a post by Butterflies Katz about the advantages and pitfalls of a Vegan diet:

“What Every Vegan Needs To Know about The Advantages And Pitfalls Of Vegan Diets”:

However, just remember that this includes not buying any items at all in the future that use animal flesh or secretions or were tested on animals and not patronizing any businesses or other organizations that use animals to the best of your ability. Veganism is about not using animals in any way if you have a choice, it’s not a diet.

Without further ado:

Sub-Section 1B2:
Facebook Pages:

“TAVS” Facebook page (where you can find the weekend challenge):

“I’m Going Vegan with The BLDO Plan”:

“Central Illinois Vegan Abolitionist”:

“International Vegan Association”:

“Let’s Make a Vegan World”:

“Abolitionist Veganism”:

“The Academic Abolitionist Vegan”:

“There’s An Elephant In The Room”:

“Unpopular Vegan Essays”:

Butterflies Katz’s blog:

“My Face Is On Fire”:

“Vegan Scientific Facts”:

“Veganic Organic Network”:

“Nonviolent self-sustained vegan permaculture-community”:

“Vegan Cats”:

“Vegan Dogs Thriving”:


Sub-Section 1B1b:
Vegan Resources:

“Some resources for people who’ve been told they “can’t go vegan”:

“What Will I Eat As A Vegan?”:

“Is It Vegan?”:

“Vegan Apps”:

Info about Vegan products by Nik Anti-Speciesist:


Alternative medication by Gary Francione:


Sub-Section 1B1:
Becoming Vegan:

Sub-Section 1B1a:

“BECOMING VEGAN: RESOURCES – Good resources to assist in becoming vegan”:

“What Is Veganism?”:

The IVA’s Vegan kit:

Vegan Starter Kit:

“How Do I Go Vegan?”

“What Does The Word Vegan Really Mean”:

“The Bloody Dairy Industry: Your Guide to Veganism”:

Posted by The Bloody Dairy Industry on Saturday, January 26, 2013

“A Comprehensive Guide to being Vegan”:

Posted by Nik Crichton on Monday, July 28, 2014

“Should Vegans Read Labels?”:

“Buddhism for Vegans: The Beginner’s Mind”:

If you’re not already Vegan, and you think animals matter morally, then please go Vegan. It’s easy and great for you, incredible for the animals, and wonderful for the planet. If you’re already Vegan, please educate non-Vegans about why they should go Vegan. Please rescue, volunteer, adopt, foster, spay, and neuter the nonhuman refugees of domestication whenever you can. Please feed your nonhuman family Vegan where you can. These things are the most important, morally responsible things to do and are desperately needed by everyone.

To learn more about Abolitionist Veganism and the issues I’ve outlined in this post, check out The Master List Of Vegan Info:


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