Vivisection: It Doesn’t Work From A Moral Or A Practical Standpoint


I’m making separate posts on individual issues related to Veganism, so that anyone who wants a handy reference guide to each issue won’t have to go through my entire link list to find it. The links included in each individual post may not be updated regularly, so the Master List will be the only place to find complete updates. These posts will be comprehensive enough to cover most or all questions related to each issue however.

Disclaimer: My only goal with this list is to produce as comprehensive a resource for Vegan information as possible. I am 100% Abolitionist Vegan and 100% against exploitation of nonhuman or human animals, any type of violence against human or nonhuman persons or property, welfare regulation, any form of speciesism, ethnic bigotry, genderism, ableism, heterosexism, etc., any of the large governmental or non-governmental nonhuman animal organizations, “happy meat,” vegetarianism, veg*nism, Meat-Free Mondays, or other forms of reductionism and anything else that makes it seem like any form of violence or exploitation of animals is ok. If any of those positions are endorsed on any site in this list, or any language is used to imply that, it’s not that I included that link because I agree, but simply because I don’t control every bit of information on all of these sites.

While there is no moral difference between animal experimentation and any other form of intentional exploitation of nonhumans, there are both moral and practical reasons why animal testing doesn’t work. We need to be educated so we can refute the arguments as to why vivisection is necessary and also explain why it’s morally unjustifiable. However, please don’t take this to mean I approve of Single Issue Campaigns to eliminate vivisection. I don’t:

I’m simply presenting the information so that people can fully understand the issue.

The biggest argument as to why it’s immoral can be found here:

Sub-Section 1B12:

Sub-Section 1B12a:
Morality (primarily):

“Vivisection, Part Two: The Moral Justification Of Vivisection”:

Sub-Section 1B12b:
Necessity (primarily):

“Animals in Biomedical Research: A Moral Justification? (debate)”:

“Vivisection, Part One: The “Necessity” of Vivisection”:

“The Commonsense Case Against Animal Experimentation – Mylan Engel Jr. (you may have to print this one to read it or set your tablet to not rotate and hold it sideways!)”:–%20The%20Commonsense%20Case%20Against%20Animal%20Experimentation.pdf

“Does animal testing help human medicine?”:


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“Why Animal Experimentation Doesn’t Work — Reason 2: Animals Don’t Get Human Diseases”:

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“Andrew Knight”:

“White Coat Waste Movement”:

“How predictive and productive is animal research?”:

Sub-Section 1B12c:
Alternatives To Vivisection:

Companies That DO Test On Animals:

Companies That DON’T Test On Animals:

“Dr. Hadwen Trust”:


“Developing Safety Tests without the Use of Animals”:

“Insulin from flowers instead of pigs”:

“Non-animal alternative that is safer”:

“The Syndaver”:

“Animal Testing Could Be Replaced by Human Skin Grown From Stem Cells”:

“The Fetishization of “Animal-Friendly” Animal Products: The Body Shop Example”:

Posts about alternative products by Nik Anti-Speciesist:


Sub-Section 1B12d:
Books On Vivisection:

“Sacred Cows and Golden Geese: The Human Cost of Experiments on Animals” – by C. Ray Greek M. D. & Jean Swingle Greek D.V.M.:

“Specious Science: How Genetics and Evolution Reveal Why Medical Research on Animals Harms Humans” – by C. Ray Greek M. D. & Jean Swingle Greek D.V.M.:

If you’re not already Vegan, and you think animals matter morally, then please go Vegan. It’s easy and great for you, incredible for the animals, and wonderful for the planet. If you’re already Vegan, please educate non-Vegans about why they should go Vegan. Please rescue, volunteer, adopt, foster, spay, and neuter the nonhuman refugees of domestication whenever you can. Please feed your nonhuman family Vegan where you can. These things are the most important, morally responsible things to do and are desperately needed by everyone.

To learn more about Abolitionist Veganism and the issues I’ve outlined in this post, check out The Master List Of Vegan Info: